Miller Massage usually visit you at home, anywhere with London zones 1-4 for no extra cost.

However, you may visit us at home in Hammersmith, London (by appointment only, limited availability)

Our massages are naturist which means that both client and masseur are naked. However, if you would prefer the masseur to remain clothed, this is fine - just ask when you book.

Every massage is different and is tailored to the desires if the client. However, the following is an impression of a typical experience.

You begin lying face down, I work on relaxing your lower back, slowly moving up to your upper back, shoulders, arms and hands.

I then return to massaging your back, moving down to release tension in your lower back, glutes (buttocks), legs then feet. Then I use long strokes from feet to shoulders. This is the half way point.

Next you turn over to lie on your back. I begin again at the shoulders, then chest, followed by the abdomen.

Finally I move back to your feet, and work up the legs and thighs before finishing again with broad long strokes from feet to neck.

The massage can end there (this is what about 40% of my clients prefer)

Or, at this point you may want to take it further in which case I would gently move back to your inner thighs, working upwards to finish with "yoni" massage which involves massage of the clitoris and/or g spot.

You are allowed to touch me at any point but of course you do not have to if you would prefer not!

Many clients prefer to "see how they feel" as the massage goes on. For some, the final yoni massage completes the release of tension, whereas others do not feel comfortable with it, which is also fine.

Click here for a short teaser video of me at work


Welcome to Miller Massage, sensual massage for women, London UK

Our discreet outcall service has been popular with regular clients for some time now and has grown through word of mouth. Leaving our clients satisfied, safe and relaxed after a sensual, erotic sexual massage has meant that many of our clients recommend us to their friends. Disappointed customers spread negative publicity, so we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best value service for women all over London.

We provide nude fullbody sensual oil massages for females only. Yoni massage is becoming ever more popular and is available at Miller Massage. We will give your day the happy ending it deserves!

Let your cares and stresses disappear, and your fantasies be fulfilled. Enter now to book a full body naturist sensual massage you will never forget.




For bookings please contact amillersong@gmail.com




1 hour - £65
1.5 hours - £90
2 hours -£110

Discounts are available for students and anyone who recommends a friend! Please ask